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Our Goals

The biggest problems for most Podcasters is terrible sound quality, the lack of editing and no production value in their podcasts.  The majority of Podcasters sound like they’re recording from their bedroom or home office with a lot of distracting background noise.  Our goal was to raise the bar when it came to sound quality and production value.

At Ghost Studio Suite, I offer hourly podcast studio rentals and podcast services for all levels of podcasters; beginners, experts, and businesses.  Backed with  18-years of broadcasting experience, these studios are professionally designed like commercial broadcasting studios.  The studios are specifically designed just for podcasting.

In addition to renting podcast studios by-the-hour, I offer a complete menu of podcasting services including; editing, hosting training, voice-over for intros, video and live video streaming services.  

My goal was for the novice and expert podcaster the ability to walk-in and start their podcast in just minutes without any technical expertise and have their podcast sound as professional as the largest companies in America.


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Amazing Experience

Easy to use broadcast quality equipment to help you deliver amazing sounding podcasts!

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